the luke literacy challenge

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December 1 

Read Luke 1:5-45.

What were the names of the two couples who received messages from the angel about having baby boys?

In what way(s) were the couple's reactions similar to receiving this news? In what way(s) were they different?

What does the angel tell them (and us!) about these two baby boys? What will be unique about each of them?

What did the baby boy do in his mother's womb when his mother heard her relative's greeting? 

December 2

Read Luke 2:1-40.

Why did Joseph and Mary travel from their own town of Nazareth to Bethlehem?

What was the sign the angel gave the shepherds to help them identify "the Savior who has been born to you?"

What sacrifice did Jesus' parents bring to Jerusalem for the purification rites?

What were the names of the old man and old woman who met Jesus and his parents in the temple?

December 3

Read Luke 3:1-22.

Where was John when the word of God came to him?

John baptized people with water; with what did he say the coming Messiah would baptize?

When Jesus was baptized, what two things happened to Him?

December 4

Read Luke 4:1-13,31-44.

For how many days was Jesus tempted by the devil in the wilderness?

What were the three temptations the devil placed before Jesus?

In Capernaum, which one of Simon Peter's relatives did Jesus heal from a fever?

December 5

Read Luke 5:1-32.

After the miraculous catch of fish, what did Jesus tell Simon Peter he would "fish for" next?

What was the first thing Jesus said to the paralyzed man after his friends lowered him through the roof?

What simple two-word sentence did Jesus say to Levi the tax collector to completely change his life?

December 6

Read Luke 6:1-23.

Complete this quote from Jesus: "The Son of Man is Lord of the _________________."

Identify the names of at least 6 of Jesus' original 12 disciples.

December 7

Read Luke 7:1-17,36-50.

Complete this quote from Jesus: "I tell you, I have not found such great ______________ in all of Israel."

What was the name of the town where Jesus raised the son of the widow right by the town gate?

At the Pharisee's dinner, with what did the "woman who lived a sinful life" anoint Jesus' feet?

December 8

Read Luke 8:22-56.

When Jesus asked the demon-possessed man his name, what was his answer?

Which part of Jesus' clothing did the woman who was bleeding touch in the middle of the crowd?

What was the name of the synagogue leader whose daughter Jesus brought back from the dead?

December 9

Read Luke 9:12-48.

How many loaves of bread and fish did Jesus use to feed the crowd of more than 5,000?

How many basketfuls of broken pieces were left over?

Along with Jesus, who were the two other men that Peter, John, and James saw on top of the mountain?

December 10

Read Luke 10:25-42.

In Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan, who were the first two men that passed by the man who was robbed and beaten on the side of the road?

What were the names of the two sisters that Jesus visited in the village?

December 11

Read Luke 11:1-13,37-46.

Complete this quote from Jesus: "_______________ and it will be given to you; _______________ and you will find; _______________ and the door will be opened to you."

What did Jesus NOT do before he ate that surprised the Pharisee?

December 12

Read Luke 12:16-40.


What are the two examples Jesus reminds us to "consider" when He teaches us not to worry about our lives?

Complete this quote from Jesus: "For where your treasure is, there your ______________ will be also."

December 13

Read Luke 13:10-35.

In Luke 13, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to two small objects- what are they?

When the Pharisees warn Jesus that Herod wants to kill him, what does Jesus call Herod?

December 14

Read Luke 14:1-24.

According to Jesus' parable, which particular seat should you take if you get invited to a wedding feast?

Complete this quote from Jesus: "For all those who _______________ themselves will be _______________, and those who _______________ themselves will be _______________."

December 15

Read Luke 15:1-31.

In this chapter, Jesus tells three stories of things being lost and found. What are those three stories?

Jesus told his "lost and found" stories in order to address a complaint from the religious leaders of his day. What were the leaders complaining about?

December 16

Read Luke 16:10-13,19-31.

Complete this quote from Jesus: "You cannot serve both ____________ and ____________."

In the story Jesus tells in this chapter about a rich man and a beggar who lived at his gate, what is the name of the beggar?

December 17

Read Luke 17:1-19.

Complete this quote from Jesus: "So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, 'We are unworthy ______________; we have only done our _______________.'"

How many lepers did Jesus heal when He traveled along the border between Samaria and Galilee?

December 18

Read Luke 18:1-27.

Complete this quote from Jesus: "Let the _________________________ come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the _________________________ belongs to such as these."

Complete this quote from Jesus: "Indeed, it is easier for a ____________ to go through the eye of a _______________ than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

December 19

Read Luke 19:1-10,28-40.

What kind of tree did Zacchaeus climb in order to see Jesus as He was passing through Jericho?

Complete this quote from Jesus: "I tell you, if they keep quiet, the _______________ will cry out."

December 20

Read Luke 20:1-26.

In Jesus' story in this chapter about the vineyard, what do the tenants end up doing to the owner's son?

Complete this quote from Jesus: "Then give back to _______________ what is Caesar's, and to ______________ what is God's."

December 21

Read Luke 21:1-19,25-31.

How much money did Jesus see the poor widow put into the temple treasury?

Complete this quote from Jesus: "When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your ____________________ is drawing near."

December 22

Read Luke 22:1-20,39-62.

When Jesus instructs Peter and John to make preparations for the Passover meal, He tells them to look for a man in the city who will meet them. What was that man going to be carrying?

When one of Jesus' followers struck the servant of the high priest with his sword, what part of his body did he cut off?

Complete this quote from Jesus: "Before the rooster crows today, you will disown Me _______________ times."

December 23

Read Luke 23:13-25,32-49.

What was the name of the prisoner the crowds wanted Pilate to release instead of Jesus?

Complete this quote from Jesus: "Father, ________________ them, for they do not know what they are _________________."

Complete this quote from Jesus: "Truly I tell you, _______________ you will be with Me in _______________."

When Jesus breathed His last, what happened to the temple curtain?

December 24

Read Luke 24:1-12,36-53. 

Name at least two of the women who first saw that Jesus' tomb was empty on the first Easter Sunday.

According to Luke, which one of Jesus' original disciples ran to the tomb to check out the report for himself?

Complete this quote from the resurrected Jesus: "Do you have anything here to ______________?"