"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."   Joshua 24:15

From its earliest times, the Christian Church all over the world have always understood the critical importance of practicing faith in the home. In addition to gathering together in church buildings as we do, we truly believe that individual Christians of all ages, through the power of the Holy Spirit, can study God's Word for themselves and spend time with Him together as families. This is still such an important way for Christians everywhere to Grow in Faith, Community, and Mission: All In the Name of Jesus! Feel free to access any of the resources you find here, and may God bless you as you grow!

  • "Pause the pastor"

    Looking for a personal/family devotional resource to help you spend quality time with God? Then "pause the pastor" and

    click here.


    For a list of services that are available to download,

    click here.

  • "handiwork" artwork series

    Check out an original collection of art created by the awesome kids of TLC-Medford! To access the content,

    click here.

  • daily devotionals: scripture & Song

    It was Martin Luther who said that next to the Word of God is the gift of music. Check out the content by Pastor Mark as he combines these two gifts of God in a daily devotional series called Scripture & Song (created during the COVID-19 crisis of 2020). To access the content,

    click here.

  • How to be a Christ-centered kid

    Hey kids! Are you interested in learning fun and simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to live your life for Jesus? Want to make a difference? Pastor Mark has some ideas and they're designed just for YOU! Be a CHRIST-CENTERED kid. For more information,

    click here.


    A simple challenge from Pastor Mark to anyone who wants to grow in Christian faith. For more information,

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