in-home worship resources  (personal/family)

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  

(Joshua 24:15)

From the earliest times, God's people have always understood the critical importance of practicing faith in the home. In addition to gathering together in churches as we do, we truly individuals can also study God's Word for themselves and families must spend time with God together. This is such an important way for Christians everywhere to grow in faith, community, and mission: All in the name of Jesus! Feel free to access any of the resources you find here, and may God bless you as you grow in your relationship with Him! 

Set an Example

List of Love

The Sower & His Seed

Joy and Strength

Be Watchful

The Father's Gifts


The Day of Pentecost

A Burning Bush


The Gracious Father

Rejoice in the Lord!

Heroes of the Faith

Hannah's Prayer

Jesus, Thomas, & Us

Easter Sunday: Jesus is Alive!

Good Friday: Jesus' Death

Maundy Thursday: Jesus Washes Feet

Palm Sunday: Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Jesus Calms the Storm

God Sends Manna in the Desert

Jesus Changes Water into Wine

The Fiery Furnace

The Ten Commandments

Jesus is the Light of the World

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