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  • 10 Things Your pastor wants you to know

    Out of the thousands and thousands of things any pastor would want any person to know... here are 10 from Pastor Mark for you (Based on a presentation he was privileged to give in the spring of 2021).

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  • "Pause the pastor"

    Looking for quality personal/family devotional time with God? Check out "Pause the Pastor" and grow in your faith in an interactive way.

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  • "HandiworK"

    Check out a presentation of original artwork created by the awesome kids of TLC!

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  • How to be a christ-centered kid

    Hey kids! Are you interested in learning fun and simple things you can do right now to live your life for Jesus and make a difference in the world? Pastor Mark has some ideas designed for you to be a "Christ-centered kid."

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  • pastor & parent

    What's one of the very best ways to reach and raise up the next generation for Jesus? We believe the answer is to reach and raise up the parents, because they are truly the biggest difference-makers for each and every kid God has made and so deeply loves. As a fellow parent himself, Pastor Mark recognizes that while he doesn't have every parenting answer (no, not even close!), he does have a few things/ideas to share.

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  • Scripture & Song

    It was Martin Luther who said that next to the Word of God was the gift of music. Be encouraged by this powerful combination in a series of videos created by Pastor Mark called "Scripture & Song" (created during the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020).

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